Y.O.V.E. Leadership Development Program

Let us help you find a way to help one Y.O.V.E. stands one step above the rest

Volunteer today for a cause, volunteers are essential to the success of the L.O.V.E. and the Y.O.V.E. initiatives. We seek individuals and companies that are passionate about the development and personal growth of the teenage girls. The donation of your time and resources allow the organization to continue the important work of equipping the teenage girls to shine as women and the L.O.V.E. ladies to become self-sufficient thru employment success.


Y.O.V.E. Mindfulness & Wellness Initiative

The wellness initiative supports and promotes the whole health of the girls, using a philosophy which recognizes that many factors, including physical and mental wellness, contribute to girls’ health. This session provides a positive youth development approach to equipping girls with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and support for maintaining a positive sense of self and for being healthy today and throughout their lives.

Dress For Empowerment Education

The Y.O.V.E. program provides an environment for the girls to learn how to develop their own voice and sense of direction in life by bringing them in contact with women leaders, resources, and messages that are life-changing. The Y.O.V.E. Dress for Empowerment Initiative helps the girls to boost the confidence necessary to develop their potentials; build social skills, physical and mental skills, values and a positive identity that continue to allow them to be empowered. The girls participate in a variety of activities.

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Obesity Prevention/Culinary Session

Every year the Y.O.V.E.’s attends a culinary session that proves to them that measurement and chemistry apply beyond the science of classroom learning. The girls gain culinary experience to help prevent obesity where they prepare healthy meal with student Chefs from beginning to end.

"Y.O.V.E. is not a program, but a movement where the community can come together to create a me too style movement, geared toward protecting girls from becoming victims of human trafficking, dropping out of school, early teen pregnancy and homelessness"

Dr. Alourdes Pierre, C. Ed., President/Founder
High school graduation rate from the YOVE Program is at 100% annually!