Our Mission

To mentor, empower, develop, equip and coach underprivileged high school teenage girls attending public schools in under-resource communities by providing opportunities and growth experiences that will enable them to become independent and confident young ladies, college bound, career focus and ready to join the next generation of women leaders and pioneers of tomorrow.

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Congratulations, Graduates!

ketia velcourt

President Valcourt stated “I was in the 11th grade when I was introduced to the YOVE Program. The YOVE program has made an impact on my life personally and professionally. I am so proud of everything Dr. Alourdes has done to impact so many lives to include my own. Dr. Alourdes showed me love, hope, and joy. I was able to meet and made connections with professionals in so many categories with the love and caring support of Dr. Alourdes. It took me a while to get comfortable and acquainted with the program because of my weaknesses, such as being shy and unfamiliar to be around so many professional people attending big annual National Women’s History Month events, guests and a plethora of a group of professional women volunteers more. Dr. Alourdes has took her time to poured in the YOVES like myself where has been more than a coach, but a Mother figure. The YOVE Program had carried me a very long way, now, I am a graduate student, majoring in Social Work, at the University of Central Florida. I will be graduating in June, 2021 with my Master of Social Work. My future goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and specialize in play therapy. I am so proud and blessed to have been appointed by you, Dr. Alourdes, and swearing in publicly on March 29, 2019, by the first Haitian American Woman, the Honorable Criminal Court Judge Lody Jean, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, to serve as the President of the very prestigious YOVE Alumnae Association President because you believe in my ability to lead by example, next to you, Dr. Alourdes, I stand - I AM YOVE 4Life”

Marthe Metayer

Vice-president Metayer stated “My name is Marthe Metayer, I serve as the YOVE Alumnae Vice-President. I joined YOVE in January 2016. My health science teacher Mrs. Zelniker told me about the program and I was interested. Ever since I joined, I have never been disappointed. This program has changed my life in an amazing way. I made so many connections and met a diverse group of leaders from the community. I met judges, police Chiefs, lawyers, businesswoman, chefs, teachers, nurses, doctors, etc. It is extremely amazing hearing people’s background stories. We all go through different things in life but don’t let that stop you from reaching your goal. My mentor, Dr. Alourdes has been a great inspiration to me. She taught me to never give up, pay it forward, don’t keep bad company. She has been a blessing to my life ever since I met her. The YOVE program has taught girls to love one another, take care of each other while achieving our goals. Because of the YOVE program, I can now speak in front of a crowd, I can officially say that I am a nursing student. My career goal is to become a Pediatric Nurse. Now I’m a nursing student, currently at Miami Dade College Medical Campus’ Benjamin Leon school of nursing working on my Associate of Science in Nursing. I am so proud and blessed to have been appointed by you, Dr. Alourdes, and swearing in on March 29, 2019, by the first Haitian American Woman, the Honorable Criminal Court Judge Lody Jean, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida, to serve as the Vice-President of the very prestigious YOVE Alumnae Association. You have made a lasting impact in my life and I am forever grateful, it is my desire to stand by you, Dr. Alourdes” to-pay-it-forward - I AM YOVE 4Life”


Mentor Dr. Alourdes Pierre, C. Ed, Author With Mentee/YOVE Alumna VP Nursing Student M. Metayer at MDC

YOVE Stephanie

Congratulations! YOVE S. Zephyr, HG Class of 2020
from North Miami Senior High

Changing the YOVE Uniform to Dress For Empowerment

Honorable Judge Fred Seraphin

County Court Judge, Eleven Judicial Circuit of Florida, visited the YOVE Program

The Honorable Judge Fred Seraphin shared his Haitian immigrant story while living in New-York, spoke about “What You Need To Know About The law” avoid bad company, stay in good company, will see you at the top.

Dr.Alourdes inside the bus to FIU

Dr. Alourdes Pierre, C. Ed., President/Founder serving as Chaperone with the YOVES

Fieldtrip in partnership with the Florida International University (FIU), North Miami Campus, for Annual Medical Conference, transportation provided by FIU

women leaders

The Y.O.V.E.S meet and greet with Community Women Leaders

Center, Dr. Malou Harrison, President Miami-Dade College, North Campus and other Campuses, right, Ms. Marydell Guevara, former Director of Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Department, left, Attorney Patricia Sainvil-Joseph, PSJ Law Goup


The Y.O.V.E. Youth Leadership Development Program has been working to create hope and opportunity for a better world for underprivileged, high risks, teenage girls in the community. The Y.O.V.E. program can only succeed with your help, make a Gift today to help support one Y.O.V.E. at a time.

Y.O.V.E. Wellness Initiative

This initiative supports and promotes the whole health of the girls, using a philosophy which recognizes physical and mental wellness.

Y.O.V.E. Economic Literacy

Y.O.V.E. girls learn how to earn, save, spend, and share money are critical economic concepts essential to the future success of the girls.

Y.O.V.E. Group Mentoring

Statistics show that children, including teenagers, with positive role models in their lives tend to make better choices.

Ladies of Valor Empowerment (L.O.V.E.) celebrates National Women History Month with the YOVES



"Y.O.V.E. is not a program, but a movement where the community can come together to create a me too style movement, geared toward protecting girls from becoming victims of human trafficking, dropping out of school, early teen pregnancy and homelessness" - Dr. Alourdes Pierre, C. Ed., President/Founder

High school graduation rate from the YOVE Program is at 100% annually

DrAlourdes IAMYOVE

Dr. Alourdes Pierre, C.Ed., President/Founder

Smart. Beautiful. Confident