Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.) Mentorship Program - I AM YOVE

The Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.) Program believes all girls should be able to fulfill their potentials. Here at YOVE, it is important to ensure the youths are involved in activities which will help them to learn life skills and reach their highest aptitudes after high school. The Y.O.V.E’s year-round programming experiences provide critical exposure, academic reinforcement, and access to many opportunities outside the traditional classroom environment. In addition to afterschool programming, Y.O.V.E offers a 5-week summer camp, designed to keep the teenage girls engaged, energized to getting them ready for returning to school.

  • Must be 14-18 years of age at the time of registration
  • Must be in the 9-12th grade
  • Must be attending public school
  • Must be a resident of North Miami

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