Y.O.V.E. Ambassadors

Daniella Lamour

Y.O.V.E. Ambassador

Florida International University
Class of 2014, Magna Cum Laude
B.S. Degree in Chemistry and Psychology

Daniella graduated at 20 years old, was one of the ten honors college graduates from FIU that was African American and one of four that was Haitian American. During her tenure, she was awarded seven academic excellence scholarships and was a member of three honor societies. Daniella partnered with a graduate student in a research project examining a problem-solving intervention in an urban after-school program (Branches, Inc.) in North Miami, FL and South Miami, FL. She was noted as one of the top 1% of research assistants that made a difference among the underprivileged youth. Daniella is currently working as a medical scribe to enhance her clinical experience in the medical field, documenting physicians' notes. She has acquired over 2000 community service hours from volunteering in hospitals, aiding in after school programs, tutoring students of low socioeconomic status, committing to research programs that aim to improve statistical outcomes of youth, and volunteering with non-profit organizations.  

  • Be a Young Professional; have experience working with teenage girls;
  • Have a passion for mentoring and be able to serve as a role model;
  • Be a recent college graduate or currently attending a four year college or university; 

Rebecca L. King

Y.O.V.E. Ambassador

Spelman College, Atlanta Georgia
Class of 2016, B.S. in Chemistry

Rebecca King was awarded a four year academic scholarship to attend Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most prestigious Historical Black Colleges in America for young ladies.  She is the Founder and President of the Lakay Haitian Club @ Spelman, member of the Pre-dental Society, A.C.T.S. (Actively Caring Through Service), she has received numerous awards and academic scholarships from her school as well as outside groups. Rebecca has travelled to New Orleans and Chicago to participate at International Dental conferences. She graduated on May 16, 2016 and will continue her studies to become a successful dentist. Rebecca's passion to work with children is exemplified in her countless volunteer hours at the  juvenile detention centers, the YMCA and even as a role model for young girls as a club volleyball coach, where she teaches young girls the importance of teamwork, hard work and self-confidence. She discovered that her passion to work with children has inspired her to become a Pediatric Dentist and make a difference in dental health.

Upon arrival to Spelman College, Rebecca realized something was missing, and it was the Haitian flag.  She met with delegated faculties to discuss the issue.  After several meetings, her request was granted and on January 28, 2015, she became the change, she wanted to see @ Spelman College—after 138 years— the Haitian flag was flown and included among all other countries.

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A Program of L.O.V.E.

At Y.O.V.E. we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world for young underprivileged girls. We can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and share the love by making a donation now.

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The Y.O.V.E. Ambassador Program brings together college, university students and adult mentors from across South Florida to promote mentorship intervention and empowerment for young underprivileged girls, increase leadership skills, and prepare young girls to make a difference in their communities.

The Y.O.V.E. Ambassadors provide professional development for young girls in the community who are interested in positive social change.

The Ambassadors engage in workshops, community service activities, and team building exercises, meetings with community leaders and serve as tutors for the SAT/ACT exams.​

  • An opportunity to take part in youth development;
  • Development of leadership skills which will help you with your future career;
  • Connect with like-minded young college students and or professionals in the community;
  • Represent the Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.) at conference and social events;
  • Look for opportunities that will benefits the Y.O.V.E. Girls and promote Y.O.V.E. in social media;
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