About The Y.O.V.E. Team

Equipping One Y.O.V.E. At A Time

The Y.O.V.E. Team is dedicated to create an opportunity for a better world for underprivileged,
high risks, teenage girls in the community to succeed.

Lady Alourdes Pierre is very passionate about empowering underprivileged women and young teenage girls in the Haitian American community with the necessary skills, motivation and confidence, to improve their quality of life and so they can become self-sufficient, career focus and college bound. She has received several proclamations and awards for her commitment to women and teenage girls. Lady Alourdes states “It is my duty to pay-it-forward” by empowering women and mentoring girls in the community one at a time”. Lady Alourdes believes to whom much is given much is required.

Lady Alourdes Pierre is the highly motivated leader, mentor and coach of the Ladies of Valor Empowerment “L.O.V.E.” and Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.V.E.) in North Miami, a community faith based, 501 c 3, not for profit organization. With a strong Human Resources Management and Fashion background, she felt led to share her knowledge and talents with others and established L.O.V.E & Y.O.V.E., an expansion of a sister organization she also founded, called the Circle of Love Ministries International, Inc.

Lady Alourdes earned a Bachelor of Arts from Saint Thomas University in Miami, Florida. She has exemplary record of public service in the community that dates back several decades. She retired from Miami-Dade County in 2018, where she held various human resources managerial positions. Lady Alourdes’ passion is to motivate, transform, teach, build and bring hope to the less fortunate.

Lady Alourdes is a devoted Christian and mother of a Youth of Valor Empowerment (Y.O.VE.) Ambassador. Lady Alourdes is a Certified Leadership Trainer with The John C. Maxwell Global Organization. She is a great leader, an outstanding Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach primarily focused on leadership development and empowerment. Lady Alourdes is a certified Master Story Teller with the Andy Henriquez Master Story Academy in Florida.

Lady Alourdes Pierre

Lady Alourdes Pierre

Motivational Speaker & Transformational Coach

"Y.O.V.E. is not a program, but a movement where the community can come together to create a me too style movement, geared toward protecting girls from becoming victims of human trafficking, dropping out of school, early teen pregnancy and homelessness" - Lady Alourdes Pierre, President/CEO

The Board of Directors

lady enette
Lady Enette Henderson
Executive Sales Leader/State Farm
Team Member

“I volunteer at L.O.V.E. & Y.O.V.E. because coaching and equipping the teenage girls through leadership development training and mentorship allows them to be empowered in order to be ready for college and a career.”

lady suzie
Lady Suzie Dantinor
Senior Accountant
Team Member

“I volunteer at L.O.V.E. & Y.O.V.E. because of the proven successes that are being accomplished in changing people’s lives through mentorship development and job readiness allowing them to be ready to enter college and the workforce.”

Mr. Ducas Delva
HVAC Certified/Licensed
Team Member

“I volunteer at L.O.V.E. & Y.O.V.E. because I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact that this organization provides to underprivilege teenage girls in the community and women”.

Ms. Rebecca L. King
Beauty Influencer
Team Member

“I volunteer at L.O.V.E. because I believe in the mission to educate women and mentor teenage girls one at a time in the community by giving them the skills and resources to be a successful participant within their communities. I volunteer to be a part of the continued growth of L.O.V.E. and Y.O.V.E. .”

Honorary Advisory Board Members

Eva M. Francis
President, Brilliant Healthcare Consulting Group

Lady Sevi Sari
Turkish Business Women Organization

Mr. Jordan L. Fickess
Vice President of Communications &
Culture at Common Threads

Dr. Marie O. Etienne
Miami Dade College

Lady Guerna Blot
Director of Nursing, Mount Sinai Hospital

Mr. Frantz Thame
Retired MBC